Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday, 9 April 2017

This week we prepare to hear General Conference on this coming Saturday & Sunday.  We run 1 week behind due to time changes, so we download the general sessions during the week and then show them the week after the live sessions in the USA.

Conference was good and uplifting.  Lots to learn and relearn.  We finished watching conference around 4pm, so we decided to take a walk to the Domain and see the Harbour.  We found cruise ship was in Circular Quay and while we were there we heard it blowing its horns.  We figured that it might be pulling out, so we stayed to watch the ship pull out and sail away.  In the mean time, we also watched the clouds get darker and watched the lightning show as the storm drew ever closer.  We finally got smart and started walking home, but not soon enough. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees in the matter of a minute.  We got caught in the rain and took up temporary residence in a large (but not large enough) fig tree where we could huddle into the large folded roots and be somewhat protected from the rain.   After about 10-15 minutes the rain slowed down, so we decided to walk home in the rain.  The wind was not blowing too hard and the temperature was acceptable so the walk was actually fun.  It took us about 20-25 minutes to walk back to the flat. We were wet,but not fully drenched.  So we laughed and enjoyed ourselves - just like some crazy 20 year olds.  Ahh, but the warm shower sure felt good.

Sister Zhoa as we worked with her on the BYU Hawaii Michigan English Test, earlier in the week

Along the walk way in the Domain and alongside the Sydney Harbour

The waves crashing onto the rocks along the walkway

Sydney Harbour is a favorite gathering place for many people. We never get tired of the view.

A storm is beginning to brew.  So we decided to stay and watch, plus Margaret wanted to see the cruise ship pull out of Circular Quay and sail away.

The clouds are getting more ominous as we watch the cruise ship pull out of Circular Quay

The cruise ship is now turned so it can sail towards us and leave the harbour

The rain storm hit so we took refuge in the large folded roots of a fig tree.  We still got wet , but not as drenched.  After waiting for 10-15 minutes and letting the rain slow down some, we decided to go walking in the rain and head home.

In the lift at the Wentworth Towers where our flat is located.  We are wet, but happy.  Thank goodness the wind was not blowing too hard and the temperature was reasonable.

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