Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday, 16 April 2017

HAPPY EASTER.  We had a lovely Easter sacrament meeting about the Atonement and Resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We had a linger longer after the meetings for the YSA to gather and chit-chat with each other.

Monday, 10 April - I finally got around to calling the stove hood repair people and scheduled them to come around on Thursday. We also took some of the Sister missionaries to Costellos to look at opals for their family - as souvenirs from Australia.  Then back to the flat for weekly cleaning and laundry.  FHE that evening was with the ward.
Tuesday I had to get up early and meet the window washing people, so they could get in and clean the windows that they could not reach from the ground.  The 2 levels have some windows that are "protected" by some ledges and the only way to clean them is to come into the building and open the windows (which pivot in the middle), climb out onto the ledge and then wash the outside of the windows. The rest of the day was routine with English teaching and other duites.
Wednesday, thanks to Dennis Phillips, we went to the Royal Easter Show held out at Olympic Park.  It is like a State fair in the US&A. We had a good time and were joined by Rhonda Crosbie in the afternoon.  We had "tea" at the CWA (Country Women's Association) cafe. Hot dogs for lunch and hamburgers for dinner, with deep fried Oreos for a mid-day snack.
Saturday was a full day of baptisms.  We went to the temple in the morning with some of the YSA and performed baptisms for relatives of a few of the YSA.  Margaret took Claudia, a visiting sister from Guatemala, early so they could attend an endowment session.  I went out with the YSA a bit later.  Then lunch and back home in time to get cookies repacked so we could take them to Greenwich Meetinghouse for a linger longer after the convert baptisms.  We were able to catch a ride with the Lems which was nice since we had a bunch of cookie containers to lug around. We had two young people baptised that night. What a way to start Easter. After their baptism, each one bore their testimony which is always interesting and touching as you hear how people learned and embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ - many of them not even knowing that their Heavenly Father existed before the met the missionaries.
Our RAS membership passes, compliments of Dennis Phillips

One of the main walkways at the Royal Easter Show

Wood chopping 

Horse & buggy

judging wool

the wool from one Merino sheep

Spinning wool

Champion Gander Goose

Fluffy Chicken

Nice looking rooster

A fluffy Rooster

looks a lot like Big Bird to me

Fried chicken - if you can wait long enough

Angora goat - the provider of mohair

mom & litter of piglets

Tamworth hogs - taking it easy

Deep fat fried Oreos with powdered sugar & chocolate sauce

Margaret and Rhonda Crosbie looking at decorated cakes

Better than anything I could decorate

A nice dragon cake

Beauty & the Beast

A fruit bat demonstration, and yes the bat is live

Some real, good wool

A panorama created by several high school Ag groups

Margaret & Mike

Margaret & Rhonda Crosbie

Rider with Drizabone

The man from Snowy River cattle drive

The Man from Snowy River finale

World Championship Campdraft competition. Drive the cattle in a figure 8 and then through the far 2 
cones. Harder than you think
Aftter driving the cow (maybe it was a steer, but I could not tell from where I was sitting) through the final 2 cones.

Margaret & Mike


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