Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Well, we slept in on Monday - not enough time to get all of our sleep back that we lost when the kids were here.
Now it is back to real life and working with the YSA.  It was good to have a bit of a change of pace. Now we are ready to get back into the swing of things and work with the YSA.  Lots of English to improve and testimonies to share & build - not the least is our Testimony.  We have been the recipients of many blessings from the Saviour, Jesus Christ, while on our mission. It has been good for us and we are most grateful for the love we feel from the Saviour and the blessings that we receive.  We are glad to be able to serve and pay back a small portion of all that He has given us.

Thursday morning we went out to the Mission home for training.  Elder Lems taught about the 3 parables taught by the Saviour in Luke 15 and we discussed about the different ways that each of us can get "lost".  Then President Checketts talked to us about Easter and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Then we had a potluck lunch.

Senior Missionary potluck lunch

More Senior missionary potluck lunch

Haleys with Zizi.  Zizi is heading back to China to finish school and then hopefully will be able to go to one of the BYU campuses.  She hopes to come back to Sydney in a few months and work until she heads for BYU. Note the handsome dragon tie being worn by Elder Haley

Friday we went to Korean BBQ with Zizi and the Lems.  Zizi leaves on Monday, 3 April, for China and to finish her undergraduate college degree.
Saturday is lunch at Phillip's Foote with the Senior Missionaries and then Sister Haley will go the Greenwich meetinghouse for Women's broadcast & dinner.  Elder Haley has to suffer and spend the evening by himself.

More senior missionaries & MORE FOOD

Senior missionaries at Phillip's Foote.  The man in the hat is President Checketts

Fast & Testimony meeting today was good.  Sister & Elder Haley bore their testimonies along with others.  It was the others' testimonies that made the meeting so GREAT. I really admire these YSA as many of them had no religion or one that is way different than ours, yet they have embraced the Gospel and show a lot of faith, even when their knowledge is just beginning to sprout. We held fast breaker (break the fast for the Yanks) after the meetings.  Several of the YSA were in charge of the meal - it was good:  noodles or pasta, mixed vegetables, meat sauce, chicken nuggets.

Margaret is writing up vegetarian recipes for one of the YSA girls and apple crisp recipe for one of the YSA guys.  FOOD - the universal language.

My, it is April already.  Time is flying by way too fast.

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