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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Monday, 19 Jun -   We began the semi-annual young missionary flat inspections today.  We inspected the Sister's flat.  It was in pretty good shape.  Their dryer had conked out on them, so we arranged for Carlingford to send in a replacement - which was scheduled for Thursday.
We went out to Carlingford for FHE as it was a going away FHE for the Bergers and Fillmores.  Both couples had been working with branches and their stories of working in the branches really encouraged us - it was a very neat experience for each couple.  As with most missionaries, they learned to love the people they served and were not eager to go home.

Tuesday, 20 Jun - We inspected one of elder's flats - not in as good shape as the sisters, but it could be worse.   Then we fixed some items in the sister's flat.   Sister Haley volunteered to make a list of cleaning supplies that the elders could use to clean their flat.

Wednesday, 21 Jun - Today is the real birthday of Ambika Phillips. In the afternoon we went to Torrens University to look into admissions requirements for one of the members of the YSA ward.  He is being taken for a ride by his agent, so Mike is looking into direct contact with the Uni to see if we can get better tuition fee terms.  This whole Uni education factory in Australia is a thorn in Mike's side.  Then we still had time to try visiting some of the YSA in the Ultimo/Broadway area.

Thursday, 22 Jun -  Elder Ellison brought in the replacement dryer for the sister's flat. We had to go buy new hoses for the washing machine first, as the old hoses started to leak when the sisters moved it to clean the laundry area.  So we installed the hoses and then the dryer.  Mike then spent some time working with another YSA on getting a new flat for them - which we did not take as the landlord was a real flake.  The YSA has found a different flat (and less expensive too) which we will get next week.

Friday, 23 Jun - A busy day working with English.  Then back to Torrens Uni to find an international admissions person who will talk with me - Mike is not a very patient person sometimes  (Oh, ok - most of the time).  I did get a name and email and sent off an email to the Uni person on Saturday morning.  In the evening we cleaned both Level 1 and Level 2 of the meeting house.  We did get some help from some elders and one of the members - that was really nice of them.  Game night was a rousing success - at least as measured by the noise & laughs from the cultural centre.

Saturday, 24 Jun - Margaret went off to a Quilt show at Darling Harbour.  Mike went to the elder's flat and installed a new towel rod - not sure who had the most fun.  Then we met and went to Coles Supermarket to buy some food and fruit for the office.  We have a convert baptism today, but it will be held at 7 pm instead of 5 pm, due to a scheduling conflict with the Greenwich ward.  The YSA will meet at the meeting house at 5:30pm and then we will walk to the train station and catch a train to Wollstonecraft.  Then walk through the woods to the Greenwich meeting house.

Sunday, 25 Jun - A nice normal Sunday for a change.  Just the normal meetings and a confirmation of our newest member who was baptised on Saturday.

The cruise ships have started to come back to Circular Quay now that VIVID is over; although winter time slows down the number of cruise ships that come into Sydney.

The Fearsome Foursome - Margaret, Virginia, Paulette & Rhonda

At the Quilt Show

More Quilts

Fun Quilt

At Town hall train station on the way to Wollstonecraft for a baptism

Those attending the baptism for Tony Lei

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