Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Monday, 26 Jun -  A busy day working with the YSA & missionaries on English

Tuesday, 27 Jun - Just a normal day working with the missionaries & YSA. Attended bishopric meeting before heading up to Grafton for the weekend.

Wednesday, 28 Jun - A sad day as Margaret met with Serena Sun for the last time before Serena headed to China for a few weeks.  Serena will not return until after we leave Sydney for Grafton.  We are planning on the Suns coming up to Grafton for a visit - if at all possible. Spent most of the day in Carlingford picking up the car and getting ready to drive to Grafton on Thursday.

Thursday, 29 Jun - drove up to Grafton.  It is just over 600 km.  The drive is on 4 lane & 2 lane highway and goes through some towns.  We left at 0930 and arrived at 1730.  We are now in banana country. We grabbed dinner at KFC and then drove over to the Brown's house - soon to be our new home.

Friday, 30 Jun  -  Elder Steve Brown, Scott Howard & myself took a morning walk from the house to the Clarence River.  It was good to see Scott again, as he moved from Hyde Park to Grafton.  We helped the Brown's fix food for the Grafton branch talent show activity. Then off to the talent show and to meet many of the branch members.  The talent show was fun and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Saturday, 1 July - We cleaned up the meeting house after the party.  The Elders did MOST of the work before we got back to the building.  Margaret & I walked from the house down to the Clarence river.  We went over to Maclean (a Scottish town) and visited with Joan _____, who is in one of the nursing homes there.  We took Joan out to lunch at the local fishing coop and had a good fish & chips. We will take her to the Scottish games there on Easter next year.   We will try to visit with Joan at least 1 time/month.

Sunday, 2 July - I attended the branch council meeting at 0830.  Then sacrament at 10 am, sunday school & Priesthood.  Margaret made the 3 hours, but did not have to attend the branch council. We had late lunch/break the fast with President Norman, the branch President, his family & the Browns. Then back to the Browns and catch up with them on what they have been doing and what they want us to look out for and keep going.

School kids out in Hyde Park on a field trip

Eva Gong, Margaret & Mike

Serena Sun, Margaret, Mike, Sam Sun

Port Macquirie meeting house

Our new home in Grafton, NSW

Across the road from our home

Grafton branch activity room

Sister Jones

Playing "the house of the rising sun"

Singing a song with Clive Best

Beth Norman & the YW dancing

Sister Best & kids

Missionaries doing the "black magic" mind telepathy game

Looking down to the Clarence river

Our new neighbors

Lookout point at Maclean, NSW

The Clarence River

the lane down to the Clarence river

Elder & Sister Brown

Don't fall off the cliff sign at one of the Maclean lookout points

Elder & Sister Brown, Elder Litster, Elder Gibb, Elder Ta'ala Grafton Branch

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