Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, 28 May 2017

This week has whizzed by, just like most of the other weeks.  Somebody please stop the merry-go-round and let us savor some of these precious moments.

Wednesday, 24 May - We spent the afternoon visiting YSA in the Chippendale area.  This is in the University of Notre Dame and University of Technology & Science area.  After our visits, phone messages and written notes (for those who were not home), we stopped at "Anita's" gelato shoppe and treated ourselves to 2 scoops of gelato.

Saturday, 27 May - We attended the baptisms of Kathy and Mauricio today.  They are two super great young adults.  Their stories to conversion are really something.  Kathy has been crossing paths with the Church for several years and has finally realized that the Church should be part of her life.  Mauricio had tried to stay away from the Church for months, but the other day he finally came to the conclusion that he NEEDED the Church and especially the Saviour, Jesus Christ, not just wanted to join it.  He is a shy guy and has been moved by some of the experiences that he has had in the last week.  We are so lucky to have them join with us.
We then visited with one of the YSA that has just "not passed" her English qualification test.  She needed someone to talk with and to verbally talk out loud about her thoughts and what she should/wanted to do next.  She is a sweet girl and has a good head on her shoulders.  She will work through this.
Then we met the Lems at 6:30pm and took a tour of the Sydney VIVID (light) festival.  Some of it was not as good as it was advertised to be, but some parts were pretty cool.  The Opera House, Museum of Modern Art and Darling Harbour were all worth visiting.  The Domain had a lot of lights/features not working so that was a bit of a bummer.

Sunday, 28 May -  Elder Su gave his first confirmation/receive the Holy Ghost and blessing today.  It was a SUPER blessing - simple in his English and Powerful in the Spirit. It brought tears to the new member and it was hard for me to keep from shedding tears also.  It is really interesting to see the growth in the young missionaries that come from China and other Asian countries.  They show a great strength in their testimonies and a faith that is beyond belief since their LDS religious background in most cases is quite limited (or so we Americans think), but they come with a faith that is way better than mine and really trust in the Lord and are willing to share that faith with those around them.  It is a humbling experience for me to work with these young men & women - I am proud that they allow me to be associated with them.  And also that goes for all the new converts that join the Church and are members of the Harbour YSA ward.  My goodness, the change in some of their lives as they receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour and grab hold of the Gospel is absolutely amazing.

new cuff links and tie from Cristina.  Now I can be a sharp dresser

Cooking on the bbq at Phillip's Foote

Sister Haley, Cristina, Elder Haley

Elder Haley showing off his cuff links and tie from Cristina

English Class taught by the full time young missionaries

Book of Mormon 1on1 study with Elder & Sister Lems

Just love the iron work on the  row houses here in Sydney

Sister Zhao with mandarins on her head.  Sister Wang is all smiles in the background

Another book added to Grandma Haley's growing pile of Australian children's books

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