Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday, 5 March

Monday, 27 Feb - Today was P-day.  Wash, vacuuming, grocery store run.   Family Home Evening - the lesson was to put on the whole armor of God

Lorenzo wearing the whole armor of God as he gets ready to run through the gauntlet of the fiery darts.

Tuesday, 28 Feb - back to a normal day of helping with English.  We have IELTS tonight and will be working on 1on1 speaking.

Sunday, 5 Mar - The missionaries held a New Member Fireside tonight.  They will hold one about every 2 or 3 months.  The purpose of the meeting is to have new members bear their testimony and/or share their conversion story.  Several of the speakers were from our ward:  Zizi; Hannah; Bryan.  There were some super stories about how the kids were converted & joined the Church.  One young man said he had spent the last 8 years hating everyone & everything - including his family.  Then a brother-in-law took him out for dinner - nothing else.  Then later the Brother-in-law invited him over to meet some friends. The friends were some missionaries and they spent time with him.  He did not want to be with the missionaries, but something inside of him told him to listen to them. As he met with the missionaries over several weeks, he found that the hate and wanting to hate started to go away.  When he was baptized he could just feel all the hate melt away and he was happy and wanted to be happy.  Each story was different, but each one was really good and touching.  The changes that happened to each of them as they studied and learned about the gospel was really pretty neat.  Many of them had their doubts when they started, but found that the members in their respective wards just put an arm around them and loved them into the ward.   What a wonderful way to end the weekedn.

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