Friday, March 24, 2017

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The week is/was a blur with most of the time spent with Meghan & family.  We did work at the Hyde Park meeting house on Tuesday & Thursday and Sunday.
We went to Featherdale Wild Animal farm where the kids were able to see and touch many of the animals unique to Australia.
We had transfer call on Saturday night and farewell pictures on Sunday.  Lots of good kids are serving here in the Harbour YSA ward.


Toby with Wallaby

Crocodile eating a rabbit leg.  The croc did not jump up to take the leg off of the stick - lazy guy

Annika with wallaby

Toby with small kangaroo

Blue winged Kookaburra


Annika & Friends

Tobs & Friends

10 minutes after we got to Katie's from the bus

Having fun on the train

Happy Birthday Tobs.  R2D2 from Luke Phillips

Luke Phillips with his Great Dane

Tobs with Great Dane

Toby, Katie & Meghan - lighting Toby's 7th Bday candles

Annika, Meghan, Charlotte, Kaite Phillips

Gpa, Rob & Toby

Paper Lunar New Year Chicken from Sister Wang

Toby, Meghan, Margaret & Rhonda Crosbie

Watermelon carving by Mino Chanthachack at Jarem Edward's & Amisha's engagement party

Sister Wang, Margaret, Sister Harper

Jia & Gabby
Sister Money, Elder Jo, Sister Coronel

Elder Taufa

Gabby, Zizi, Elder Wu, Ashley, Adam

Sister & Elder Haley & Elder Wu

Elder Jo & Elder Haley

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